Pitch And Trek® Positioning Statement

Our Target Market:

Active outdoor equipment enthusiasts who feel that the outdoors is where they are free. They don’t have the money nor like the thought of overspending at big high-street retailers, but want to get their hands on good quality products which make their outdoor time enjoyable and comfortable.

Our brand is the: 

Outdoors enthusiast camping brand


Provides the highest quality products at very reasonable prices which are individually tested by our outdoor expert’s so you know they work, so you can focus on finding your adventure, and not with an empty wallet.

That’s because: (Why believe us)

  • Our products are developed by outdoor enthusiasts who pride themselves on excellent equipment and we are constantly refining our own products to ensure we deliver the best outdoor accessories available on the market at the best value for money
  • We understand our customers needs and will NEVER provide rubbish or overpriced products