Female Urination Device

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  • 💕 PEE FREELY IN THE GREAT OUTDOORS: When you gotta go, you gotta go! This reusable FUD makes doing your business a breeze – no matter where you are. Superior design for a leak-free experience. Head out on the trail without worrying about your next bathroom break
  • 💕 EASY TO USE WITH NO ROOM FOR ERROR: Compatible with pants and outdoor clothing and gear. The wide mouth makes a reliable seal with ample room for peeing so it won’t spill, drip or splash. The long neck and tip is shaped for easy aiming – no wet clothes or shoes!
  • 💕 ENJOY THE SAME CONVENIENCE AS MEN: Women’s equality takes on a whole new meaning with this must-have camping accessory. Aim and fire in seconds without having to bear your butt, strip off layers of clothing, wander off into the woods or squat in a snowdrift!
  • 💕 SUPER SANITARY AND EASY TO CLEAN: Made from FDA approved medical grade silicone which is antibacterial to prevent germs and odors. The water-repellent feminine urinary device can be shaken dry. Simply rinse with water and soap when you’re back at base
  • 💕 BUILT TO GO THE DISTANCE WITH YOU: The flexible silicone will withstand years of abuse in any terrain. Light and portable – perfect for the hiking and backpacking girl or woman. Compresses into a discreet pouch for easy storage in your car glove box backpack side pocket

RRP £11.99 / €11.99

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