Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

✅ NEVER GET BITTEN AGAIN - Stop spending hours getting angry and waving your arms around like a crazy person - forget the cheap rip offs you buy at the supermarket, they won't repel all the mosquitoes and they'll waste your time; these bracelets will keep all the mosquitoes at bay, all the time

✅ ENJOY THE GREAT OUTDOORS IN COMFORT - Stop hoping you won't get bitten, because you will. Protect yourself using all-natural scientifically proven ingredients which people have used for hundreds of years. Wear these bracelets and own your destiny

✅ AVOID DEADLY DISEASES - Even in the jungles of South America there is no match for the Pitch And Trek® bracelets. They were hand-picked by people who have travelled to these destinations, so anywhere else is easy peasy!

✅ NO NASTY DEET CHEMICALS FOR RESULTS - You don't have to use DEET to get excellent results, stop thinking it's the only solution, because it's not! DEET will give you rashes, itchiness and reactions, all the things you're trying to avoid

✅ STOP THOSE UGLY ITCHY LUMPS - Avoid the rashes, lumps and scars after we scratch ourselves to pieces, a single bite can absolutely ruin your day, don't let the mosquitoes win!

RRP £11.99 / €13.99